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Welcome to Tranquil Dental Care

Time to Give Your Smile Exceptional Dental Care!

We are your local Phoenix family dentist. At Tranquil Dental Care we focus on restorative and cosmetic dentistry for your entire family. An attractive smile shows you at your very best! Unfortunately, in spite of good oral hygiene habits and professional care, your smile may not be as bright and healthy as it could be. With cosmetic and restorative dentistry, we can enhance and heal your smile through a unique combination of science and art.

Keeping Up With Innovation

The age-old concerns of conventional dentistry (namely function and durability) have now been expanded to include cosmetics as an equal concern. Presently the materials and techniques of modern dentistry permit skillful dentists to place appropriate importance on all three concerns depending upon the specific requirements of the patient and the limitations of current restorative materials. For example, concerns for function and durability yield to cosmetic concerns for restorations near the front of the mouth; while the reverse is true for restorations in the back areas of the mouth.

“…an overall great dental experience.”

“Even though my husband and I do not live very close to the office of Tranquil Dental Care, we are more than willing to travel the distance for an overall great dental experience. Doctor Martin and his staff are awesome! They take the utmost care to ensure every visit is pleasant and painless.” – Whitney Faltis